Friday, January 9, 2009

Describe a Dream Vacation:

Topic - Describe a dream vacation where you are on a tight budget...

I think that this one was worded wrong. I mean, a dream vacation should not have a tight budget included. Then, if there were a tight budget, how would it truly be a "dream vacation". I could see how this will be a challenge to describe, after all - like I said - how is it a dream vacation, if I have to worry about money.
My Dream Vacation is to go to Scotland. I would LOVE to see the "mother land" (if you will) - and so it is on my list of places to visit before world war III. I, being Scottish, treat every vacation as though I am on a tight budget. I would plan this trip, just like the many others, WAY in advance, doing research and trying to figure out the best deal for me and my hubby. I am not sure whether I would take the kids on this trip or not. After all, it's part of their illustrious heritage, but at the same time- part of my dream is to RELAX (and that's hard when you are tending children's needs).

I would probably take a flight there with my sweetheart, because I would want to spend as much time there as I possibly could. If I were on a tight budget, I would probably do a bit of hiking and seeing the countryside, instead of visiting all of the main tourist attractions. I would rent a bike and take a tour of the Cuillins (a mountain range). I may go "Nessie" hunting - after all, that is a great legend, and it wouldn't cost a thing to go "nessie hunting". :D
I would visit the Melrose Abbey which is a Cistercian abbey which was repeatedly destroyed by the English in the fourteenth century. The ruins are supposedly notorious for their riverside surroundings and decorative artwork - including one gargoyle of a pig playing the bagpipes. And I would drive through Glen Coe which is one of Scotland's best known Highland glens and its name, literally meaning "Valley of Weeping", seems very appropriate considering it was the site of a notorious massacre in 1692.
I would really like to visit Craigmillar Castle which has quite a dark past with murder and at least one unspeakable death. It was part of a chain of castles which protected Edinburgh from invasion. *and this would probably be my main splurge (it is 3.00euro for adults to get in, and that COULD break the bank)* - after all, I really LOVE Castles.

So, that's it - my dream vacation would really be about touring the countryside of Scotland... I think that there is a Temple there - and I would go, if there were - and it wouldn't cost anything too. :D See- I can plan a trip on a tight budget... somewhat. :D


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Aislinn said...

Cool - Scottland would be an awesome place to go and it looks like you've done all the research for us so now we just need to get the plane tickets and get to it! So, when shall we go? How about Spring 2011! Let's start planning!

Heidi Sue said...

Beautiful Place!