Friday, January 2, 2009

Pictures YOU may have missed

This year was so much fun! So many things to remember, so many things to look back on and smile about. So, from my crazy film files, here are some memories of the most recent month and I hope that they make you smile each time you see them. After all, I know that I get that quirky grin each time I see them! Enjoy!

Above is Ashley's Alter Ego... Agnes... I can't believe that we caught her on film. Below, well, where is that set of bunny ears really coming from???

This year my dad took great pleasure in calling me and letting me know just how low his cost of gasoline was. BUT, ALAS! I think that I finally got a lower price!! (Here's the Costco Proof!)

Darrell insisted on having his hair spiked this year... INSISTED... Does look kind of nifty when it's done up right.

When dad was in Town we got to go see MOTAB. This is the car that he rented (well, they GAVE it to him at the rental place... I don't know if he really had an option for it or not). Either way, I never thought my dad would be pimpin' it out.

HI Ho, Hi Ho, to the Teeemple we'll go! (And we did, and it was phenomenal) Yup... that's right. Awesome in EVERY Way imaginable.


This picture has been fondly tagged as the one where I am giving Jessica instructions on how to get rid of all that food she just ate. Then she can have the flavor, without the fat...

SEE, and she's HAPPY for the advice!

So, from my Quirky family to yours, we hope that you had an exciting 2008 year! LOVE YA!

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Aislinn said...

Happy NEW Year! Love the pics - and I'm so glad that you caught Agnes in the act!