Friday, January 16, 2009

Do you see what happened?

Make a list of blessings and count them... It took me a WHOLE week just to put a dent in that list... I will get back to that Journal Post though, I promise -

Right now, I want to show you all what has been going on in the last few days.
So, you see it, right? It doesn't look right... it doesn't look like it should be there - whatever it is. And I will tell you how this whole thing came about -
See - the kids have RINGWORM presently. And, I will admit, that I am a little overzealous when it comes to killing the fungus among-us... So, I did my reading - I researched quite a bit about how ringworm can spread and stuff. I was prepared with selsun blue and Fast Actin' Tinactin! as well as a whole bottle of gold bond powder. I bathed Darrell and then dried him off - dusted his feet and his self with powder... turned him around to do the back and noticed - THIS! This bump, this lump, this bulge... I have no idea how this came about. How did I not see this during soccer? Was it there during soccer? If it wasn't - how did it get so big so fast!?!

I washed Kennedy, and called Jeremy to tell him of the weirdness... And then, we went to the doctor. The Doctor did an X-Ray and we know that it's not a bone spur or even a bone... but they don't know what it is. So, we have an appointment with the "Lumps and Bumps" doctor on January 27th at Primary Children's hospital.

I was talking to Jake C. about what it could be and he said that it looked like a cyst to him. So, I did some research on this "Cyst" he was talking of. And I found "Bakers Cysts" - which look an awful like what Darrell has goin on... I will let you be the judge - Here's a picture...
So, could that be what's going on here? I will wait until I see the orthopedic person - but, it's just nice to have a theory. I won't mind anyone else putting their own theories out there too - let me know what you think!


Aislinn said...

WATER ON THE KNEE! Hehehee - I have no clue - but how could no one notice it, did it just pop up over night?
STRANGE! Let us know!

Knit2dye4 said...

Well, I hope it is something that can be easily remedied! Give them both hugs from Auntie Lori.