Monday, January 19, 2009

Without a Camera

Without a camera - I feel really BLEH - I mean... I can't take my pictures, like I usually do... I can't show the kids in their Gi's - for Karate - Beh... I can't believe that it's broken. I mean, really - why is it that the stuff I get always breaks?

I am stuck on the last journal entry - count my blessings and name them... Well, there's Kennedy, Darrell, Aspen, Circe, Rick, Cameron, Ashley, Aislinn, Tim, Jake, Jessica, Brendan, Taryn, Kahlyn, Mykenzi, Nathan, Lane, Sunny, Lita, Brianna, Mom, Dad, Dennis, Ronda, Grandma R, Lori, Beta 4, ...., ...., ...., (See, the list can go on and on and on!)

And that's just people... that's not including all of my friends, co-workers, church friends, and stuff like that.

Then there are things like - I am grateful to have been blessed with a sense of humor, and a seriously MEAN cleaning streak. I am blessed by having a pretty good singing voice, and a talent for strange humor.

I am blessed by having my car still running, I am blessed by being able to recognize certain spritiual things that happen - and by being able to see things from a totally different point of view than most others. I am blessed with a natural snoring ability that keeps the bed bugs at bay...

Man, this question was a hard one... it's a good thing that I am blessed to realize that... huh?!

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