Friday, November 13, 2009

Maaaan - Politicians

That's right - we plan to keep them in the family...
And, can you believe that this little politician suckered me into helping her make posters to put up at school, when ELECTION day is on Monday?!?! But, we pulled it together just the same. So, we came up with two "catchy" slogans - GO GREEN WITH GEHRING and KENNEDY G. 4 VP. We were so beat after coloring the first sign that the second sign didn't have near as much "STUFF".
Anyway, the election is on Monday. Kennedy says that even if she doesn't get it she is going to Run for President next year - something about planning parties and stuff. I don't know if she put up her stuff in time this year, but I guess we will wait and see. Anyway - I say we all dress up as 5th graders and go to her school on Monday and vote her in office. :) She would be a fantastic VP!!


The Woolston Family said...

FUN! Go Kennedy!

Aislinn said...

YAY my little niece - I'm pullin' for ya!! Good luck - school is a great place to start your political career!