Friday, November 27, 2009

One Thousand, Three Hundred, Fifty One Lights

That's how many lights are on this tree... One thousand, Three Hundred, and Fifty One. Where did the one come from? The one bulb in the star. Three boxes of 450 lights, and we are set to go.
And here it is after the decorating is done... :) The kids did the same thing that they do every year - all the ornaments are on the front - and there are hardly any around the back. Now, I do understand, after all - you can't see the back, but there is only so much of the front of the tree, and I have a-LOT of ornaments...

So, you are hereby invited to come over and bask the the lovely glow of one thousand, three hundred, and fifty one lights whenever you want - just give me a call first so I can be sure to tidy up! HUGS!