Friday, November 20, 2009

My New Moon Semi - Review

Sooo, way back when (This past July) I decided to finally break down and read the Twilight series. I will admit that it was VERY addictive. And I think that I read all 4 books in a weeks time. After the books, I rented Twilight - the movie... and I was pretty disappointed in the acting and how much information that was left out of the movie that I think should have been put in... BUT, my co-worker / friend Mandy convinced me to get tickets MONTHS ago to go see New Moon.

I wasn't so sure about the upcoming movie, I will admit... BUT, I already paid for the tickets, and I figured that it wouldn't hurt to have a girls night out... why not, right? So, I started reading what I could about the movie, and finally - this morning at 12:30AM, I got to see Part 2.

And I will admit, that I was surprised. Slightly irritated at the screaming girls each time some young boy went shirtless... but that's besides the point. It was as if the cast finally read the books themselves, or took acting classes. This movie was (in my honest opinion) so much better than the first movie. It even followed the book better. So, I will have to say that you should go see it ... it was pretty good.

On a side note - I haven't been to sleep yet... I came from the theater to work .. .. and I have been here since. I need sleep - and I will get it... but time is just a draggin' away...

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Aislinn said...

glad you enjoyed it!
You're blog isn't updating on mine. Guess I better move you to the "non-updating blog" list! hugs!!