Monday, November 2, 2009

Sick of being sick...

You know, I am really sick of being sick... Tomorrow will make 7 days of "Sick" - and 7 days is 6 days longer than I prefer to be sick. I went to the Doctor today, who did not give me anything conclusive other than it was Laryngitis / Bronchitis / Asthma / and perhaps the tail end of Strepticoccolidoodledoo. (See, nothing conclusive). Though, the Asthma part is what threw me. He said that with the coughing that it had to be Asthma, but I did not have the cough prior to last Tuesday, so it's unlikely in my mind, but he wants me to start back up on Albuterol. Seriously? Is the man nuts? My typical doctor is out of town and this is the quack he left in charge?

So, I spent another entire day doing nothing strenuous, (I suffered through cross stitching and daytime television). And the meds that I got seem to have started helping quite a bit. I think that I might even try out working tomorrow... after all, I am not contagious. I just sound like a dog. But all in all, I am tired of being sick. :( Anyone want to trade places with me?

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