Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Future as we Know it...

I (for one) am no (Shhhhhh) Conspiracy Theorist
It's just not what I do.
But beyond that, how can you say that a person IS in fact a (ShhhhhConspiracy Theorist, if they have evidence that shows that whatever it is they are yammering on about really did happen?

In the most recent months I have been looking more and more at a few things around me - paying more attention to things that are slipping through at the Federal level, that people just are not paying attention to because it didn't hit up the 5:00 or 10:00 news.

Are we REALLY so naive that so many of our rights are truly being snuffed out, and we just think that because we are "American" that we are protected? Or that just because it didn't show up on the News that it didn't happen? 

Anyway, this is just my small rant - the future as we know it is always changing (Well, obviously). It's not going to stay the same just because we live in the United States - I know that most of you who read this are adults, and you know this already - but don't be surprised if you see articles that get posted on my Facebook page or even here that you didn't see on the 5:00 news - Because there are things that are happening that should be known!  

Though, I promise that I will at least research what I post (To the best of my abilities) - I encourage any discussions on the material, heck - I don't care if you all have a war over the stuff that's posted, but please be thoughtful and don't start attacking "Republican" or "Democratic" - because, it's not about that - they are all in the same boat - they are just wearing different colored t-shirts to confuse everyone else.

Anyway, this is your "notification" - I didn't want anyone just Freaking out if I put something up that was more "extreme" than the typical happy stuff that I post.


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