Monday, February 14, 2011

Just an additional Valentine's Day Note

Because it REALLY was a fantastic Day. 
Monday Nights I have the kiddos - usually the highlight of my week, unless it's a Weekend, or a Wednesday, or any other time that I have them. Ok - fine - I will admit that when I have the kids with me it is generally the Highlight.  Nuff' said.  

Anyway, Big D got a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas (Remember - "You'll shoot your eye out!!") Though we have gone out and shot the gun a few times, it has been really cold. The weather has been warming up a little bit (though I am not fooled, I know that the cold will come back) so I told him that he should shoot his gun today.  Just for fun - dust off the old Boom-Stick

So - He did


That little stinker got a Kill shot!

Also - I ordered this fantastic cake from OCD Cakes - you can't tell me that it's not the most Awesome Valentine Cake that ever existed.  I can tell you that it was delicious as well - with a Raspberry filling in the center and delicious Fondant - the kids LOVED it - and so did the HUBBY.  Thank you thank you thank you OCD Cakes -  

I am going to insert my shameless Plug here - if you haven't added OCD Cakes on Facebook yet, you need to - they are fantastic!

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