Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day -

 That's Right - You know what time of the year it is... It's that Mushy, Gushy, Sticky Sweet, time of the year when Lovers are all over each other, and people are getting engaged - or married - or whatever.  That time before the beginning of Spring where you have your last sinful fling with a box of chocolate - swearing that because of the harmful relationship it has with you, that you won't touch it for another year (or at least until Halloween) ((But, secretly - we all KNOW that you are going to sneak more in the upcoming weeks at Easter... don't you lie!)).  
It's the time of the year when Pink is more prevalent than any other color - though it really doesn't match many of your Winter ensembles - the time of the year when even though Roses are not really in bloom outdoors, the florists will find a way to provide for all of those crazies that want to pay a ton for flowers. (Which are going to DIE anyway)  When children are forced to show love to their classmates and look to pick out the least "telling" valentine day cards to print their name on - or maybe they can hide the goosh with a piece of candy or a sucker... 

I just thought that I would say that I "LOVE" this time of the year - So, don't be bashin' on it or anything like that.  Or I might just have to come over there and do something drastic - Just to prove a point.
On a side note, We did candy grams for the kids for school Tomorrow - They will get a cookie that has a card that says that I love them to the end of the Multiverse and back plus 1 to whatever they say... 
I think that this year I may have FINALLY Bested them.

Happy Valentines Day !!

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