Monday, February 14, 2011

The Gramma Van -

Because I haven't updated in a while, I am sure that most of you were not aware that I have inherited my mom's van - affectionately known as "The Grandma Van".  

It needed a little extra love - and work - and I needed a more reliable vehicle because the Jetta just sucks nuts - So, My mom was looking to upgrade and though I swore that I would NEVER drive a Mini-Van (And I did put up a pretty good argument for a few years before I couldn't get away from it anymore), this little baby and I are now joined at the backside.  (Oh ha ha)

Anyway, the kids will not let me rename the Grandma Van - nor will they let me put a different air freshener in it because they like the Grandma Smell - So, if you are wondering what the lovely fragrance is when I get near you, it's not me (After all, I never shower) It's the fresh scent of Grandma.

And just for everyone else's information - I really do like sitting higher than everyone else on the road except for the large SUV's and Semi Trucks and a few others that I won't mention.

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