Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I want for Christmas... is me

I Love Christmastime - Why? Because it's the time of the year closest to the celebration of me.  It's the time of year when everyone starts to sing songs of Aonika - And why shouldn't they?  Am I not most amazing?  I am.  So, though not all of these are Christmas songs, they are songs where you can sing my name.  No need to thank me - you are welcome!  I appreciate you singing my praises!

To start we have:
Centerfold - by the J. Giels Band - how does this one work?  Well, just simply add in my name... "My blood runs cold - my memory has just been sold - Aonika is the centerfold! Aonika is the centerfold..."

The Hanukkah song - by Adam Sandler - This should be so easy.  My name Rhymes with EVERYTHING! I love this song.

Slide - by the Goo Goo Dolls - "Put your arms around me! What you feel is what you are and what you are is Aonika... " (See how easy that fits?)

Walking in Ao-nik-ah's Wonderland - you know... the sleigh bells ring?  Are you listening? (Giggle)

The Christmas Song - Chestnuts roasting on Aonika's Fire...  Aonika's nipping at your nose.... Yule tide carols, being sung by Aonikaaaaaa!!! And folks dressed up like Aonika tooooooo..... Everybody knows, an Aonika and some Mistletoe - help to make the season bright.  .. ... "

Silent Night - You love this one - Round Yon Aonika, crazy and wild.

And just for fun - you can add a few other things. One of my favorites is Deck the Hall - why? Because of the second verse - "See the blazing Mule before us!" oooh. I know that it's Yule... but still... it's so much more fun to think of a Mule Blazing before us...

The evening can then be completed with a myriad of other musical treats such as:

Aonika - the red nosed employee...

Aonika the snowomanofawesomeness

The Aonika and the Mouse

Fum Fum Aonika (I know that this one sounds tricky, but think of it - With Aonika's awesomeness sing Fum Fum Fum ...)

And "Aonika Ride" ... a new treat this year for all."come on, it's lovely weather for an Aonika Ride together with you....."

Anyway - I know that they are not all Christmas songs - but I figured that they are fun anyway.  I have more... but just wanted to leave a few with you to get the juices flowing...

HAPPY SINGING - be creative - and don't forget that my name is the best name to insert anywhere in your song. BWAHAHAHAAA

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