Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Resolutions - Lists - Countdowns, oh my...

Each year I say that I am going to "resolve" to do this, and "resolve" to do that... you know, those New Year resolutions.  Half the time people quit around the 6 week mark and don't pick it up again until the next year.   People plan to lose weight, to eat better, to get organized.  I'm not waiting this year for my resolution list - nor am I "resolving" to do anything.  It just doesn't seem to work out when I do.

This year I have 52 weeks until the next year.  I have decided that I am going to do Christmas in 52 weeks instead of 4.  Novel Idea, eh?  

You see?  We rush and Rush and RUSH - then we hit December 25th, and the 26th feels like a drag.  I had nothing to do today! (GASP).  Then it dawned on me that I could be starting things for next year already.  I could do it and put them aside.  

Ahhh - but how would I know what anyone else would want?  Well, I don't.  And that's just too bad for you.  Didn't someone say that it was the "thought" that counted?  And I am constantly thinking that I want to try this or do that. If I just spent the kind of time on the crafty stuff that I love, then I am certain that whatever I made would be a welcomed gift next year... right?  I mean, half the stuff I see online I could make myself.  (But mostly because tutorials are our friends).

So, I hit the Michael's sale - got sponge brushes and paint at a really good price, and I've already started making my list for next year.  I hope you are on it, because it's going to be great.  I have the ideas for the kids already and, yes, it will be a lot of work.  But, I have a feeling that next year's Christmas is truly going to be the best one yet.




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