Monday, December 26, 2011

This month is such a special one ...

That's right - there were Happy Birthday's here over the last few days.  The Misses finally changed over the marker to another year older than the year that he had to claim previously... It was a very exciting party with streamers, cake, clam chowder, and pressies - Yeah, The kids did great on that!  :)  Apparently, due to the way the balloon was numbered, I will be getting a story about it in the future... 

Anyway, That night we tucked all of the cute ninja's into their beds. Being oh so stealthy, we headed to bed ourselves and decided to wake up early to finish everything up.  Actually, the kiddos knew that we weren't going to get started til' later - Dee Dee was very happy as she wanted to "Sleep in" like a normal teenager.  The Morning was really very happy. The ex came to spend Christmas with us and to dole out the presents.  The kids got so many things - and yes, I made those awesome Jammy pants that you see in this picture.  Those are lovely, aren't they?  I would say that they are the most amazing Jammies that ever existed, but, I am a teensie bit biased.

Per the request of the Gpas and Gmas I am posting the pictures of the haul that each of the kiddos got. Minus Squiggly.  This is because Squiggly was not here to take pictures when it dawned on me that a picture would be needed to complete this blog.  Sorry in advance... Anyway, This is D-man with all of this years goodies.  His favorites were everything but he's especially excited for Halo, and his sword, and his gun, and the violin, and the static kit - oh, and the Angry Birds game, and the art kit, and his gyroscope, and his Yo-Yo.  You know, I really think that he liked it all.  Thank you to everyone that helped to provide D-man with so many new, neat things to enjoy.  I know that he had a great time helping to make Christmas for a few of you too. 

 Dee Dee! This year she had ONE thing on her list, followed by a few others.  The one thing, and we didn't tell anyone else about it, was a certain Camera.  I went out on Black Friday to secure the little jewel and it was the very first thing under the tree this year.  She even asked a few times if I remembered - I told her that I did, but that I just didn't know if we could make it happen... bwahahahaaaa.  I think that secretly she already knew - but it was still fun to TRY to trick her.

"What is this? Mah Camera? See me take da peectures wif it?"

Dee Dee got a lot of things that were on her list this year too. She got a glue gun and puffy, fuzzy balls with the googlie eyes to hot glue on.  (She makes these cute little critters that she gives out to her friends and what not).  She got a Gir hoodie and Purse (One of her favorite cartoon characters).  A Ute's sweatshirt, Jammies, a scarf and gloves, a Radio, the GREEN box (which will be passed on next year for fear of the bad JuJu, and so many other things.  Earrings, gift cards, hair bows, journals.... oh, don't worry - I could keep going.  And in her usual fashion, she took it all up to her room to organize it neatly. That's my girl.

This Morning - D-man helped to make breakfast from Scratch.  He did biscuits from scratch, eggs, sausage, and country gravy. BOOYAH! However, that being said, he didn't have a round cutter - so all of the biscuits were shaped like Stars. D-Man did a great job on breakfast, AND he gets to sign off something in his Bear Scout book without knowing it... I love it when they do stuff just because and then they get to sign off stuff in one of their books! TOTALLY My FAVORITE THING!

AND FINALLY!  In t he midst of everything else.  Dee Dee got makeup for Christmas.  The Ex feels that she wears too much makeup, which I think is ridiculous because all she has is base and mascara - this year we introduced (Drum roll please) Eye-shadow. *GASP!* Not just eye-shadow, but the kind that has colors - like blue and purple.  Oh, sure, I got neutrals too - but every girl needs a little color in her life - right?  Just look at her face?  Isn't that a face that looks like it needs a little more adventure?  OK, maybe not - but we were going for a little bit of it anyway.   So, today we had a lesson in how to apply, (APPROPRIATELY), eye makeup. 

She's not really interested in Eye-liner, so we didn't get her any of that yet.  And she's not interested in blush or lipstick - so that's out too.  BUT, we do have 6 lovely colors of eye shadow for her to choose from (thank you Mary Kay consultant, Kimberly).  

And we all had a fantastic few days away from work.  I am coming down with a cold, but the Misses says that I need to quit whining about that - as he trudges up to bed at 7:00PM tonight claiming that he's beat.  We hope that you and your families all had a fantastic Christmas too - and we have already started plans for Next Christmas. Yes, you read that right - this year I am going to be more organized!  I am going to get things done early!  I AM GOING to stick to those resolutions! (But that's for another post).  

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