Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bland Blob?

So, the other day I came to my blob, and there were lines down the center - everything was way off, nothing matched - it was so ugly!  So, I decided to try out a few new templates.  However, what I ended up with what Blobbly Blah - How is this for a blob to be?  There's no color - ooooh, I know that I can customize it, but Blobber's new stuff is difficult to navigate.  I liked the dynamic stuff, but then I lost my list of blobs that I follow... Reading their training didn't help much either.  So, Yuck - Yuck Yuck Yicky Yuck to the new Blobber.  I am sure that I will figure it out, but right now - I just want to say YUCK.

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