Thursday, December 29, 2011

The first month of Christmas:

Will be done in January! With (Sing aloud now) Cute washer necklaces... that I already bought all of the stuff for because they are amazingly inexpensive...

OK, so the song doesn't QUITE fit - but that doth not matter.  I saw this idea from another friend - and so I am going to give it a "GO".  With all of the online tutorials and help and ideas out there I figured - "I can do that too".  And so, I am.
See - the CUTE washer necklaces... 
Anyway, on my search for tutorials on how to make these I found THESE too...

And you can't tell me that they aren't just adorable as well.
SO, naturally - me being the overachiever that I am - I got all of the stuff to make the glass pendants too.  I had made some before when I was with my mom - and when she told me how much the kit cost her I thought, "My word someone is making a fortune!" - together, all of the art supplies for 50 necklaces cost me less than 20.00.  I will be doing some step by step tutorials while I make them and post them on here so if you are trying to get ideas for your Christmas Giving in 2012, you will have an easy, inexpensive one to do.

February is going to be "Puzzle Jars" for the kiddies.  I am very excited about this one too!  I even bought some "Oops" to get rid of the Goop on some of my older Jars.

I think that March is going to be Aromatherapy Bags for the Ladies.

Will keep you posted!

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