Monday, December 26, 2011

My late but Crafty Christmas Present

So, I admit that I saw these cuties on Pinterest - and I did covet them and want them all for myself! So, today I had the kids paint their feetsies and make me my very own.  They are not exactly like the ones that I saw on Pinterest - because whoever did them on there, well, they used different feet than the ones that I had here... and different paint, and paper, and colors... and you get it. 

BUT, these are the best feet there are!  Original works of art made just for me!

This year I am going to be doing an "art wall".

I saw it done in a home that I had visited a few years ago.  The woman had taken her children's artwork through school years and framed the best pieces and put them on the walls.  I can't tell you how much I loved just staring at these pieces of art, and I had decided that one day I too would have an art wall in my home.  This is the year - and it will be tough to decide on the pieces of artwork that will go on the walls.   Creativity is going to be set to a higher standard to make it wall worthy... but these two pieces are sure to go since they were requested. Just wanted to share with those that are super crafty and like new ideas too.  If you would like to see the originals on Pinterest, just follow me or check out my boards.  If you need an invite to Pinterest, just message me and I will be happy - HAPPY - to Oblige.

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